If you want people who step up, give them permission to screw up

Transformative training for fearless leadership, innovation & wellbeing

Welcome to Yes&Yeoh. My name is Andy Yeoh and I create spaces in which curiosity, connection and creativity can flourish. 

Using the principles of applied improvisation, I work with individuals and organisations to help them reach their goals through improved communication, positive teamwork and charismatic leadership.

I provide consulting, facilitation & workshops designed to:

Discover & support your leaders

Working with organisations to develop the cultures, structures and programmes that encourage brilliant leaders to emerge.

Create & connect your ideas

Designing and facilitating meetings that inspire, energise and delight participants and produce real results.

Grow your tools & skills

Training individuals to be confident problem-solvers, charismatic communicators and collaborative, creative leaders.

What I believe

Anyone can be a leader

In work and life, effective leadership means being collaborative, creative and dynamic – not imposing toxic power structures. An inspiring leader makes connections, seeks consensus and dares greatly. My experience has taught me that all of these skills can be learned – and when they are, extraordinary leaders are born.

Great leadership requires trust

Connecting as a team means letting go of an unhealthy ego, while at the same time building self-esteem. Skillful leadership serves the group, not the individual. Building trust within a group takes time. But when people bring their authentic selves to work and build deeper relationships with their coworkers, not only does the connected group perform better, leaders will naturally emerge.

Those who connect, change the world

Leadership powers performance. When people in a group feel able to lead, when they support each other and understand their purpose, they become energised. The most effective teams have a shared understanding of the team’s mission, create a supportive space that encourages dynamic leadership, and respect the needs and boundaries of all members.

We need creative leaders who listen

Many of the problems facing humanity are perfectly possible to solve if we work together. The abysmal failure of leadership occurring worldwide stems from a stubborn refusal to connect with the problems of the world today and the people most affected. We owe it to ourselves to find ways to relate to each other with compassion, empathy and respect.

Needs and boundaries are fundamental

Connecting with others to work towards our goals requires vulnerability. Whatever the setting, trust and meaningful collaboration is only possible when you have consent and clear communication of boundaries and needs. These elements are fundamental to our happiness, our ability to cooperate with others, and our success as leaders. 

Life is better when we create

Connecting with the dynamic, collaborative and creative parts of ourselves is vital to happiness. Learning to follow our creative impulses reconnects us with the pleasure, delight and satisfaction that makes life worth living. As that spark reignites, so does our ability to inspire and lead.

“We had so much fun! A great experience for everyone involved and a fantastic integration for our team. Completely unlike anything we’ve done before.”

– National Composites Centre

“It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and laughing together. It was inclusive and broke down the barriers between teams. Simple yet creative and constructive.”

– CPD for Teachers